Protecting My Son’s Online Privacy

I have always struggled with how much to share on this blog.  I want to be able to share my journey, help other parents and provide a honest look into our lives.  The issue is that it isn’t just my journey.

Protecting My Sons Online Privacy
Protecting My Sons Online Privacy

My partner and I talked at the beginning about if we should use our real names or not.  Our thought is that it is unlikely that anyone socially connected to our son especially when he is older will stumble across this blog.  I do post on Facebook and my friends and family obviously know us and our son but I don’t expect they are going to share the blog with his friends when he is older.

I may change my mind about this in the future….  The internet is an entirely different minefield to navigate.

What are your thoughts on protecting the privacy of children online?  What do you share?  Do you wonder if one day their future employer will see your cute story on their potty training?  Let me know in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Protecting My Son’s Online Privacy”

  1. I do share a lot online, admittedly. The internet remembers forever, true. They are growing up in a very accessible world, and increasingly so. This is a whole new world for parents and kids alike. Back in “our day” it was photo albums and shared stories that would creep up at a wedding or at the ‘meeting of the parents’ interview, now it’s a Facebook timeline, or Twitter feed, or heaven forbid an Instagram string of photos.

    Its a fine line. But I’m going to continue to share (personal opinion only). Your situation may require less openness, or more choosy-ness.

    Until then I will continue to read, enjoy and share freely your blog.


    1. Hi Lorena
      I suspect much of my concerns stems from what I might be sharing in the future. Cute happy pictures of kids are totally different than a child having a meltdown or struggling with basic speech, and life skills.

  2. Just reading this now and thought I’d comment.

    I had this conversation recently with Lorena, ironically.

    Personally, I keep my security settings on Facebook pretty tight. Sure, I have close to 600 ‘friends’ and they have access to all of my photos, but I don’t keep things open for all to see. I had an incident recently where someone I didn’t know, and was contacted by regarding purchasing a toy off a Facebook group, screenshot my profile picture and copied my son’s picture into their post to me (showing my kid playing with their toy they were trying to sell me). It utterly creeped me out and I took a double take on what my settings were.

    I know that Facebook security is not the same level as posting about actual life and development of your son, so it’s definitely an extra thing to consider.

    I periodically do a Google search for my name. It’s a good barometer for what someone would find if they were trying to see what is out there on me. The same could hold true for your son. See what would actually come up if an employer wanted to check up on him.

    Thanks for sharing and writing your blog. I find it interesting, even if I don’t get on too often.


    1. Hi Annalee; I am still concerned about how much I share about him that could affect him later in life. I expect soon I will stop using his name in my blog. I know it still wont keep him completely anonymous since my info is accessible, but it will make it more difficult to connect him to it.

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